Destiny 2 Iron Banner

After a late-breaking bug was reported, Destiny 2’s Iron Banner 6v6 will be coming next week to Crucible players. It goes live at 10 AM PDT on April 17th to coincide with the weekly reset. This week’s playlist is Rumble with fixes to spawns and reduction of players from eight to six. Get in on that now before it’s gone.

Obviously the biggest change with Iron Banner 6v6 is that there will be six players on each side as opposed to four. This will be the first time that Destiny 2 players will have this kind of mode since it was confirmed in May 2017 that all modes would be 4v4.

Other changes that have been made to Iron Banner lately include match time limit being 12 minutes, respawn time limited to seven seconds and the score limit being 125 points. All control zones also start off as neutral and take a bit longer to capture than before. If you participate in a capture though, more Super energy is gained.