In a little over than a month’s time, players all over the world will be able to experience the emotions and polygons of the latest Quantic Dream title, Detroit: Become Human, and first story brought to life by David Cage’s studio designed completely for the PS4. But there’s an element beyond polygons that really drives the emotions, the soundtrack.

PlayStation Blog has a new video to show off the score of the game, and highlight the three composers who worked together to bring the soundtrack to life, as well as lend a unique flavour to each of the three playable protagonists that players will follow throughout the game. 

It’s probably best to check out the video for yourself to see how Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard and John Paesano bring the journeys of Connor, Kara and Markus respectively to life, or you could always just try the game for yourself when it launches on May 25, 2018.