persona 5 anime

Like with the previous Persona games, Persona 5 is also being adapted into an anime. So far, only the pilot has aired, and it seems to have been received well, for being a fast paced and faithful adaptation of the game- however, going forward, the anime may diverge from the game in some ways. Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation (via Persona Central), Masashi Ishihama, the director of the anime, teased some changes in the anime.

“I think there’s probably a nice surprise waiting for viewers. One that may prove to be jaw-dropping once you see it,” he said.

So, I assume this means we finally get that Makoto canon romance, then, huh? Conversely, maybe a more fleshed out redemption arc for the traitor character in the game? (Not naming them, because spoilers). Maybe it’s jut Hifumi joining the party as a Phantom Thief (which she was originally supposed to). Maybe it will be a brand new character, who may end up being included in Persona 5‘s inevitable re-release. We don’t know- hopefully it can clean up some of Persona 5‘s storytelling messes, and make it even better!

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